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Pros and Cons of Living Without Air Conditioning

Believe it or not, there are over a million households living without air conditioning in Florida!  Here we will outline some of the pros and cons of choosing such a lifestyle.  Then conclude by giving some facts and statistics about Florida home air conditioning.

Pros of living without air conditioning in FL

  • Lower electricity bill
  • Spend more time outside
  • Drink more water
  • Reduced contribution to global warming

Even if the idea of living without AC makes you shudder, there are still pros associated with it.  A good portion of Floridian’s energy bills are due to air conditioning.  If they were able to cut that cost out, it could reduce their electric bill by about 40%.  Also, without air conditioning, residents are much more likely to spend more time outside.  This has a side effect of getting more fresh air and vitamin D intake from the sun.  All of the increased heat that is experienced causes the body to sweat more.  Therefore, more water must be consumed in order to stay hydrated throughout the day.  Finally, households that forego the comfort of having an air-conditioned house, have one more benefit.  They can say that they are limiting their contribution to global warming.

Cons of living without air conditioning in FL

  • HOT
  • Increased risk of heat illnesses
  • High humidity increases bacteria, mold, and fungus growths
  • Breathing problems including pneumonia and Legionnaires disease
  • Reduces value of the home
  • Unconventional
  • Family and friends will not want to visit

Florida Sun Without Air Conditioning

Just like any other topic that has pros, there are also cons to living without AC in Florida.  First and foremost, it gets HOT! Daytime temperatures during the Florida summer can soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not a comfortable setting for anyone, especially the young and elderly.  These temperatures increase the risk of heat stroke, heat illnesses, and in the most extreme cases death.  Higher temperatures also mean higher humidity in the residence.  Most bacteria, molds, and fungi thrive in warm, damp environments.  This makes your home a literal breeding ground for these growths.  Having these in your home will also exasperate any current respiratory issues that any residents may have.  It can also cause otherwise healthy individuals to develop breathing problems.

Another huge downfall is the reduced home value.  In Florida, houses without air conditioning are worth much less than ones that have the proper HVAC equipment.  For these reasons, and probably more, living without AC in Florida is seen as unconventional.  People will instantly wonder how and why someone would choose that lifestyle.  You will experience a drastic decline in family and friends’ willingness to visit you in your home.  This could be seen as a pro for some, but for most people it is definitely a con.

Bonus Statistics of living without air conditioning in FL

According to the US Energy Information Administration, 86% of homes in Florida are equipped with central air conditioning.

The Census says that there are 9.4 million housing units in FL. Since only 86% include AC, this means that approximately 1.3 million homes are without air conditioning in Florida.

The University of Florida states that when using your thermostat, every degree you set it below 78 degrees can increase your cooling costs by up to 8%. Additionally, up to 40% of Florida homeowner’s energy is for cooling their homes.

Not ready to choose the hot life?

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