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Indoor Air Quality Infographic
Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality is the term typically used to describe the quality of the air within a specific inhabited area.  It is an important part of our lives, but is often played down or overlooked completely. There are several factors that can contribute to the overall quality
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Past Present Future Air Conditioning
Since the beginning of time, man has been trying to be more comfortable.  This includes attempting to alter the properties of the air which surrounds us. The earliest examples of this exist centuries ago back in Egypt, Rome, and other early civilization hubs.  Thankfully for us, men like Willis Carrier
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Turning your AC off
Everyone likes to save a little bit of money here and there, right?  Well, unless you are interested in living without AC, turning your air conditioner off when you’re out is not a way to save money.  In fact, it may be costing you more! For years people have been
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Sweaty Back Living Without Air Conditioning
Pros and Cons of Living Without Air Conditioning Believe it or not, there are over a million households living without air conditioning in Florida!  Here we will outline some of the pros and cons of choosing such a lifestyle.  Then conclude by giving some facts and statistics about Florida home
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AC Vents Are Dripping
5 Common Reasons why Your AC Vents are Dripping If your AC vents are dripping water, there is a problem. The problem either lies with your A/C’s air flow or an open window (or another source of outside air). The result of either issue can cause your registers, or more
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Wrong Size AC Unit
Having the Wrong Size AC Unit Did you know there are downfalls to having the wrong size AC unit?  With an outline that is reminiscent of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, people will have problems if their AC unit is too big or if it is too small.  The only
What Type of Filter Should I Use
What Type of Filter Should I Use? With so many options available, we often get the question of: what type of filter should I use?  That is why we put together this article to help explain the different types of AC filters and how each one works.  AC filters are
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Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Worth it
Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Worth it? People often ask us “are HVAC maintenance plans worth it?”  Well, we say, yes they are! Some customers probably even think that when a technician offers them an HVAC maintenance plan, that they are just trying to squeeze more money out of them.  This
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Protect AC Units from Salt Damage
How to Protect AC Units from Salt Damage Air conditioner repairs in Panama City Beach and other coastal areas may have a different cause than those who live further inland.  The outside part of a residential air conditioner unit is called the condenser and consists of two major components. These
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