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Air Conditioning

Florida’s hot and humid weather conditions can be brutal. Even when you are inside your home or place of business. Beahan’s Heat and Air offers you comfort solutions at a reasonable price. Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, you should be comfortable inside. Check out each type of air conditioning service to find out which is best for you. Keep in mind that estimates for residential A/C replacements and new installations are always free.

Air Conditioner Replacement

When the time comes to replace your existing A/C unit, our professionals will help guide you through the air conditioning installation process. Helping you to decide which system best meets your needs.

Air Conditioner Repair

When an AC system starts working irregularly or stops working altogether, the first instinct the owner has is that it needs to be replaced. In some cases this can be true; however, often the AC system may just be in need of a service call and a simple AC repair.

Air Conditioner Installation

New construction is the best time to make sure your HVAC system is correctly installed. Some companies rush and cut corners to make an extra buck, but not Beahan’s Heat and Air. Call us, we care!

Air Conditioner Types

There are several different types of air conditioners on the market. Click here to find out more about each of the common ones used in our Bay County service area.

RElated Services

Maybe you don’t need air conditioning services at this time. Here are some other services we offer.

Even though the rest of the country thinks it never gets cold in Florida, the truth is, it does. This is especially true for North Florida cities such as Panama City or Callaway where wintertime temperatures can dip down below freezing. Therefore, you want a heater that can heat your whole home or office when you need it to. Beahan’s Heat and Air technicians are qualified to install, replace, or repair all types of heaters. More Info

Everyone wants to have clean, healthy air to breathe. There are many factors that go into maintaining a desirable indoor air quality. These include humidity, filtration, and system cleanliness. Our technicians are trained to identify what steps to take in order to maximize the air quality for our customers. More Info

The best time to find out you have a problem is before it spirals out of control. That is one reason why prevention is better than reaction. This is why we offer customer care plans. These plans include annual or semiannual inspections and preventative measures to help your system see its full potential. There are also customer benefits that come along with our customer care plans. More Info

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We are an HVAC company who value our customers. We will not try to sell you unneeded services and equipment. If you need an AC repair company you can trust, you found one!

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